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ACEEXTECH is a creative company, focusing on R & D of plastic recycling system, and providing the equipment and solutions for plastic washing and pelletizing. 

ACEEXTECH products fulfill the needs of users in a very direct way due to over 20 years of knowledge and experience in plastic recycling field, which also helps us to contribute actively to the success of customers by offering sustainable solutions that meet industry needs; 

ACEEXTECH offers a complete portfolio of support and consulting services all the time, from project engineering to custom financing solutions, after sales service at its best, ongoing production optimization, training and advisory services, even end product development. 


Specialized R & D team involved in plastic recycling industries over 20years; 

Ability to provide the customized plastic recycling solutions; 

Complete sales system covering the pre-sales, sales and after service jobs; 

Professional sales team with local language speaking ability for English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Russian markets.