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3rd Anniversary Celebration of Kitech Machinery
2021-11-09 17:01:56

Glad to sharing with you a good news,In the 30th of September in 2021 was the 3rd year of Kitech Machinery .With the developments of Kitech .Now we are a team of 45person .

In front of our company gate ,There was a smile on everyone's face.We took a shoot in order to keep this great moment .We are full of pride, we have contributed to the environmental protection of the world, contributed to the economic development of the country.Thank you for your trust.Thanks for everything.

Let’s look at our factory.In the past few years, we have been constantly innovating, developing new technologies and making continuous progress.  We have made a great breakthrough in the field of plastic recycling, and we have become one of the top suppliers of plastic recycling machinery in China.  In spite of all the difficulties we encountered in the process, for example, novel Coronavirus caused our sales difficulties, our unyielding spirit, our noble corporate culture.  Our sincerity to customers makes this year we successfully survived, thank customers for their trust and support.

To celebrate our third anniversary and reward our staff for their hard work, we enjoyed the best food at the best hotel in the area.  At the same time, we also organized a variety of wonderful small games, everyone spent a happy day.

Email us for getting more about the plastic recycling solutions .

Looking forward to hearing from soon.