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Plastic Film Recycling Washing Machine

Materials able to handle:

>>Belt conveyor is as a standard feeding device for plastic film, raffia, filament, woven bag, nonwoven fabric, etc. 

>>Screw conveyor and Nip roller as optional feeding method designed for different type of materials.

>>Metal detector can be installed on conveyor as optional item, Detecting and separating the metal to protect shredder or crusher effectively.

>>AFW flotation washer for cleaning size reduced plastic scraps, by rotary paddles and water, which can remove most of the dust,sands, sludge, soil 

and other sink contaminants.
>>The main principle is to use the specific gravity of water,specializing in the initial wash and rinse of submerged and floating materials,it can effectively 

separate the sediment and metal in the material. The system will discharge the sink contaminants,such as sands, sludge, sink plastic, metals through the 

pneumatic bottom valves automatically. It will ensure the good washing condition of water.

>>It is mainly used for strong friction cleaning,adopting spiral blade structure, medium and low speed friction principle to reduce or remove the 

adhesion of contaminants to the material.
>>Centrifugal the contaminants onto the screen, and adding clear water removes the sediment on the material through the centrifugal action 

during the operation, and clean the materials efficiently.



>>It is mainly used for removing moisture from the film/bags and other soft material. It can efficiently remove the humidity from soft plastic materials.
>>The equipment adopts centrifugal force to dry materials.To reduce the moisture content of the material to below 7 without melting.

Hot air dryer:

>>It is mainly used for the last drying process of the material before packaging, adopts the heating source from electricity, steam, and other fuels. 
>>The hot air is generated by the heating package and the fan, and then the material is blown into the pipeline through the fan and thoroughly
dried by hot air. It can reduce the humidity about 1-2%.

>>It is mainly stored materials, the silo sizes can be tailor-made with a volume from 1-10CBM, which is mainly made by stainless steel.

Technical data:

Model ACX/W-1000R ACX/W-2000R
Output Capacity 1000kg/h 2000kg/h
Installed power 216kw 263kw
Working power 140kw 171kw
Water consumption 1-2t/h 2-3t/h
Moisture of product 2% 2%
Operation staff 3-4 3-4
Dimension(M) 30*6*5.5 30*6*5.5