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PVC Bamboo tile/Colonial tile/plan tile extrusion line

PVC Bamboo tile/Colonial tile/plan tile Applications

-ASA/PMMA coated two layers

-ASA/PMMA coated three layers

-Special customer requests

Conical twin screw extruder

-High specific output for gentle plastification of PVC material

-High melt homogenity even with high-filled material formulations

-Optimized material feeding system for stable production of PVC-U powder

-Bimetallic material screw and barrel ensuring long time working without trouble

-Suitable for PVC-U high-filled pipe production

-Output range from 300kg/h-600kg/h

-Touch screen control panel

-User friendly software developed by Aceextech

-AC motor drive by inverter

-Vertical integrated structured gear box

-Equipped with degassing zone

Flat die and feed block:

-High melt homogenity

-Low pressure built up even with high outputs

-Hangers type channel

-Melt channel distribution system

-A/B, A/B/C structure

-Equipped with stainless steel heaters

-Flat die head carriage for easy movement

-Flat die head are designed according to application requirements.

-Easy maintenance thanks to the optimized and proven designed construction.

Embossing roller:

-AC motor drive by inverter

-Pneumatic compacting

-Circulating water temperature controlling

-Simple operation

-Motorized movement

Calibration machine:

-Suitable for different shape synthetic resin tile production

-18-22couples of calibration module

-High quality calibration module

-AC motor drive by inverter

-Shaped calibration module pulling without lose the shape of tiles

-Force cooling fan cooling system

-Refrigeration cooling fan cooling system

-Touch screen control panel

-Simple operation

-Motorized movements

Tracking cutter:

-Pneumatic compacting

-Motorized movement

-Cutting synchronization pneumatic driving

-Smooth cutting surface of the cut profiles

-Touch screen control panel

-Simple operation

Ridge tile calibration machine

-Shaped tools according to different applications

-Pneumatic driving

-High quality calibration tools

-High efficiency heating system

-Simple operation

-Special customer requests

Technical data:





Extruder Model

Designed Output

Double layers

ASA/PMMA coated



50/30+80/156 or 92/188


Triple layers

ASA/PMMA coated and high filler